Dear My Future Self,

Dear Future Me,

Hey lovely! My darling, I honestly truly hope you are doing well. As I’m writing this, I’m stuck in a negative home life, still caring about someone who won’t give me the time of day (You Know Who), trying to save my money, being disappointed by my dad and trying to get into school.

Don’t worry, It’s not all bad though! You got a car thanks to your lovely parents, are going to NY and Philly, work life is good, BB wants you to come visit (please tell me you’re dating each other already I know you haven’t been in each other’s lives this long for nothing).


Advice time,

Please please please never talk to You Know Who again. He’s nothing but trouble. NOTHING. Will never be anything.

▶︎ Don’t let any one stop you from being the best dental assistant & moving to the East Coast. DO NOT STOP. You will accomplish great things and move to Boston. Promise.

▷As far as self harming goes, I hope you’re still done. Don’t beat yourself up about the past scars. They’ll heal and serve as a reminder of what you don’t want. ❤ Love

▶︎Stop settling for guys. Just don’t. They’re just gonna distract you, make you different & then leave. Waste of time. Focus on self love, your work, friends, and future. It’s a beautiful equation that will never let you down.

▷Cook at home more. It’s healthier & nothing beats coming home to your dog and a home cooked meal.

▶︎Please buckle down and learn Russian! Even though Spanish would be more helpful in your work.  BOTH

▷ Never stop learning new things & seeing the world.


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I Saved My Money for 52 Weeks! :O

If you know me, you know I love to spend money. It’s a real problem. If I’m bored, I’ll go to the store to look for stupid shit I don’t really need to buy just because. 😦  My dad says I should work out every time I feel the urge to go shopping. Which is true, so I thought, what can I do to make this better? Share my struggle and journey with you!


The basis of this challenge is simple enough, once a week you add $, depending on what week number it is. I can do that, right?

I did see a tip from a fellow Tumblr, to pack the money in your jar TIGHTLY to make it hard to get into it. If it’s hard to get the money out, you’re less likely to spend it.

I also found this app called Mint from Inuit, from what I understand, it shows like how much you spend and what you’re spending the most on. It’s all your financial information, in real time in the same place. You can also set budgets that you can actually stick to. Yes please!

Time to get my butt in gear & stop being afraid of managing my money 💪🏽. Wish me luck! Please share your money-saving tips! I’m all ears. I’ll update again on how my challenge is going in a few weeks. Have a great 3-day weekend!!

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My GoodWill: Tips & More

Good Morning! I’ve recently been really into thrift shopping, mostly GoodWill. It makes sense, I’ve only practically grown up in GoodWill. My grandma still works at one, I’m pretty sure she’s worked at the same one since before I was born.


Here’s a photo of me, back in the day, thrifting since day one.

Here are my tips on how to score and make it worth your while.

  • Bring a drink -Nothing worse than shopping anywhere & getting hungry and phased out. I always carry my Camelbak.
  • Get in the mindset- You’ll probably be there a while so just prepare.
  • Don’t go on Saturday’s!- That’s when everyone seems to go and thus crazy packed & all the good stuff is gone. (Tuesday’s are a non busy day to go)
  • Start at the front and work your way back.
  • Look through everyyyyything.-Even if it’s not your size. Things are sized differently & sometimes things get put in the wrong spot.
  • If it’s too big but you love it-BUY IT. You can get it tailored. Worth it for the $4 you spent for it.
  • Always look back! -I go way too much 😛
  • Go to multiple locations!


The best time to buy sweaters &  coats is during the Summer! Which makes sense since everyone is getting rid of them because it’s warm. They have the most section of them during the summer seasons. I’m all set for fall/winter because I bought during the summer. Dishes are a great thing to get/look for at GW. They always have a ton! and you can mix & match or sometimes they’ll have a whole set.

Things I always look at/buy: sweaters, running shorts, bags (If there’s one thing to know about me it’s that I LOVE PURSES), coats, skirts, tanks.

Being a Young Adult is hard enough and I LOVE to shop but, it’s not always in the budget. So if I can thrift shop and fill my home & closet, then so be it!  No shame! 🙂  I love me a good bargain, supporting a good cause and buying things that are new to me! As long as you like what you are wearing & it makes you feel confident,that’s all that matters.

If you liked this or have any of your own tips, please let me know!

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Catch up and looking forward 

FriYAY! We made it. 🙌🏽 as we close on this week I felt I should update you. I want to say I’m sorry I’ve been inactive lately I’ve been dealing with a negative roommate and it’s been getting nasty. To those waiting on my book review, I know! I just haven’t really gotten into it yet. I’m trying but it just is boring me right now. And lastly, I’ve finally decided the direction I want to take this blog into and it’s lifestyle. Don’t worry I’ll keep doing my book reviews! And make sure to get more in depth with them. I also have a queue of topics to write about so we won’t have this problem again. Thanks for bearing with me. ❤️

Love always,


The Puerto Russian

Staycations & magic in Russia


Hey guys! I’m getting ready to go to my Parent’s house for a long weekend  & just wanted to give you a life/BOOK update instead of packing. Yay!

Life: scroll past for my book update

Things are alright. J has decided he wants to be back in my life. I swear it’s like he knows when I’m cutting him off and want to be done and then he’s all “Move out of the country with me” so I’m dealing with that. Like on one hand I’m so glad because I hate when he’s gone but on the other, I’m just waiting for him to go ghost again, you know? And then it makes me wonder like, why am I settling for this? *sips wine*

And along with that, my Scars are healing nicely, and a very painful daily reminder that I don’t want to this again & I think that’s why fate made this one so tedious and painful so that every single time I move my leg, I remember. Thanks Fate, you know my stubborn self well. ❤ I’m just trying to get out of a negative af relationship, getting a car, and an apartment. yay adulting! -__-


BOOK TIME!!!: Currently reading:

I’m really excited to read this book. It’s called ^ and it’s by omg get this…her name is EVELYN SKYE.  AHHH!!!! It was a book made for me. Written by a fellow Evelyn, about Russia and magic. So when my old HS teacher sent me a Barnes & Noble gift card, it was meant to be. I’m only on chapter 3 right now & it’s kinda hard to get into-then again I’ve been reading it while I’m babysitting so it’s kinda hard to focus when you have a toddler & 5 year old on your hip.

This will be my next review! I hope I love it, I enjoy it already so fingers crossed!


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Milk and Honey: The Review

Review may contain spoilers! Book will make you cry.


NOT ME! I do not own this photo-found it on Google 🙂

I’m pretty active on Tumblr & I’ve been seeing a lot of photos and people talking about how this was on their TBR list. So one day I decided to just buy it! Didn’t know much about it or too much about Rupi Kaur to be honest.

I haven’t really read much poetry either so I was a total virgin…they say you never forget your first…I will never forget this book. I was instantly hooked.

The first poem I guess you could say that shook me to the core & I was like “yes…!!! this girl knows exactly what I’ve been through” was “ he was supposed to be the  first male love of your life you still search for him everywhere -father”

After I read that on page 16, I think I just froze for a minute and teared up and dove back in. I honestly want to quote this entire book because it’s THAT GOOD. I tore through it in about two hours or so when I was supposed to be working 😉

There’s one last quote that resonates with me so well and it’s the last one I’ll give but it goes ” a daughter should not have to bed her father for a relationship” Rupi, how do you know my entire life?

I wish I could go back in time & give this book to my younger self she needed it so bad.

5493/5 stars. Honest.Raw. Powerful.

The back cover says “this is the journey of surviving through poetry this is the blood sweat tears of twenty one years this is heart in your hands this is the hurting the loving the breaking the healing – rupi kaur” okay….if that doesn’t make you intrigued idk what will.

204 pages of amazingness. You will love this book, I promise you.

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