Spotlight: Raisin

Before I get into my post about Raisin, I thought I would update everyone real quick. Today was an awful day, my car started smoking and overheating and I was stranded on the side of the highway and late to work! Thankfully, my mom came in clutch and is saving my ass! I’m so lucky to have my mom. As far as my money-saving challenge goes, I’m FAILING miserably. I forgot to put it in last week and now I don’t remember where I left off & I borrowed from it so that didn’t go well, after my NYC trip I will start again. 😉 P.S. my most recent cut is healing up very well!

My possibae came up with this idea so all the credit goes to her for this blog post!


As you may have noticed, I recently adopted a dog! Her name is Rai (raisin) and it’s been great. I began the process of looking for a dog to help with my anxiety & depression as a registered Emotional Support Animal. One night my mom was randomly sending me links to dogs at the local shelter in her town. One of them was Raisin. I applied & met her the very next day. (Funny thing is, one of her coworkers which I call my sister was interested in her too! She gave me her blessing and the go ahead) I just remember walking back to the Adoptable Dogs and as I’m looking through the window, I saw her. Her kennel was right in front of the door. My heart sank. I just instantly fell in love with her. I took her out & played with her aka played fetch with her tennis ball for like an hour. Sadly had to go back to my mom’s work & leave her. Couple days later, I took my mom to go meet her & I believe my mom fell in love with her too or at least she’s coming around now. My mom also came in clutch by explaining how our living situation was set up. (I told them I lived at my mom’s so they wouldn’t call my apartment. blah blah technicalities) I remember the lady saying “So do want to take her home?” meanwhile I’m like “WHAAAT?! I didn’t know my application was accepted!” and she goes “Yep! Do you want to adopt her?”  I told her I would think it over and come back on Monday & get her! I went through an Adoption counseling which is where they just kind of go over adopting a new dog and any questions you may have & talk about the dog’s personality. After I finished my counseling, I went up to the counter and pay for & a different lady goes “oh yeah she’s sponsored!”


Her first Starbucks trip!

Fast forward to a couple of days later, we’ve been adjusting well. She makes me laugh,eases my anxiety while also stressing me out. It might be my anxiety talking but, she’s my first dog and she’s dog reactive. I knew that when adopting her too but I didn’t care. I still don’t care. It’s just stressing and makes me more anxious. I have to be on edge with her outside all the time. With anxiety, I’m already always in a state of being on edge. I have to be on watch if there’s another dog, small animal, birds, etc. We’re working on it while it’s a challenge, she’s a smart girl & it will bring us closer. I will be the first to admit that having a dog reactive 60 pound dog is hard. I do not regret adopting her. It just means I have to work harder with her which is fine for me because I’m in it for the long haul.




As for now, you can find me throwing her tennis balls, trying to move her out of my space in bed or texting previously mentioned possibae. ✌🏽



Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 9.05.53 AM


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