Rainy Days(Update & free playlist!)

Good morning! It seems we got that fall weather we’ve been begging for at least here in the MidWest. YAY!  Things here are good. If you follow me on any social media, you’ll see that I got a dog!!! Her name is Rai and she’s a Pitbull/Lab Mix.   I have been exploring my sexuality more which has actually gone really well so far, I just wanted to stop hiding that side of me. It sucks that it took like 7 years. Parents, please! If your child comes out to you, DO NOT tell them it’s a phase & you don’t want that for them. *ahem* I also forgot to put money in last pay day for my Money Saving Challenge. I think I’m going to print off a picture of the weeks and $ amount so I can check them off as I go.

As far as Being Evelyn goes, so far so good! My trip to NY is coming up soon, I got my dog, I have a couple crushes, the weather has been icky which makes me happy, The Red Sox are killing it. No complaints for now.


Isn’t she so cute?

Here’s my rainy day playlist that I made. :


Currently Reading: Throne Of Glass & The House On Mango Street

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 9.05.53 AM


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