Pen Pal: A How To Guide

Tonight I’m talking about something very near & dear to my heart and that is Pen Pals! (mail in general really)  I’m going to cover the do’s & do nots, how to write on a budget, essentials that you should have on hand.



Do’s & Don’ts:

  •  Do: Make Your Letters personal and different for each pen pal: play on their favorite things. EX-Court loves yellow so I send her letters in a yellow envelope with her favorite emoji stickers. Make sure you’re not writing the same generic letter to every one.


  • Do: TRY to reply as promptly as you can. I always reply the day I get the letter & send them out the next mail day. I understand life happens & you get behind. You want to keep your pen pals happy & staying regular with your letters helps.


  • DO NOT:  No short letters. There’s nothing worse then getting a short & boring letter. 3-4 pages max. They don’t have to be long every time either. I literally got a letter one time after not hearing from them for a few weeks, that said on 1 page ” I GOT YOUR LETTER!!!” and signed from them…. Well obviously you did… just a waste of supplies and postage. Don’t be like that.


  • Do: Add little tuck ins- a few stickers, a bag of tea( I love getting and sending these!), postcard, a coloring page. Just little surprises you think your pen pal might enjoy.
  • Mail Tag: One of my pen pals always does this & I love it! It’s basically a short list of things to send in your next letter. Example below! For examples, simply Google “Mail Tag Ideas”
  • img_8822

    Not my photo! 😦


I think those are my biggest pet peeves there. Now, let’s get into How To Pen Pal on a budget!


Pen Paling is really not that expensive even if you have multiple pen pals. My favorite places to buy supplies are: Dollar Tree( great for plain envelopes, packing supplies and gel pens), Target (Dollar Section only), Michaels(GREAT for pretty paper and matching envelopes), Five Below( Great for organizing items).

Today, I went to Target! Remember when I said, Dollar section only! Not just because they’re cheap but, that’s where you’re going to find the best and cutest items IMO.

I just kind of went for the essentials which are:

  1. Stickers
  2. Note Cards
  3. Envelopes
  4. Paper
  5. Pens/markers
  6. Sticky Notes
  7. Address Labels
  8. A Place to keep all your items
  9. Bubble Mailers
  10. A book of stamps (The planets ones are to die for)



Look at all the cute Halloween Stuff!


Here’s what I got today! (Not pictured a pack of washi tape) I already have the rest of things @ home.



These are the bubble mailers I was talking about. They’re great for when you want to send a mini care package. I use them a lot so stock up & grab a few. (Not in the dollar section!)



Found this cute storage box that you can customize! Keep all your supplies in one place so it’s easier the you reply.

Since I’m talking How To’s, lastly make sure you address your letter properly. Pretty simple.



Last but not least, have fun!! If you’re uncomfortable you can also get a PO Box, I’ve done that before. Just get the smaller box(it’s cheapest).

My pen pals are very close to my heart. I’ve even met one of them over the summer! Pictured below:tumblr_od7of9f3lo1qb33n6o1_500


If you’re interested in beginning the pen pal journey, I signed up for all of my pen pals through The Place For Pen Pals Tumblr. They’re very helpful & everyone I’ve met through there is really cool. You can also check out -I personally have never met anyone from there yet but, it’s a good one.

I hope my personal tips have helped you! It’s something that greatly enjoy and think it’s a slept on form of communication. Nothing makes me happier than seeing letters in my mailbox from my friends! Happy mailing!!

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 9.05.53 AM


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