Dear My Future Self,

Dear Future Me,

Hey lovely! My darling, I honestly truly hope you are doing well. As I’m writing this, I’m stuck in a negative home life, still caring about someone who won’t give me the time of day (You Know Who), trying to save my money, being disappointed by my dad and trying to get into school.

Don’t worry, It’s not all bad though! You got a car thanks to your lovely parents, are going to NY and Philly, work life is good, BB wants you to come visit (please tell me you’re dating each other already I know you haven’t been in each other’s lives this long for nothing).


Advice time,

Please please please never talk to You Know Who again. He’s nothing but trouble. NOTHING. Will never be anything.

▶︎ Don’t let any one stop you from being the best dental assistant & moving to the East Coast. DO NOT STOP. You will accomplish great things and move to Boston. Promise.

▷As far as self harming goes, I hope you’re still done. Don’t beat yourself up about the past scars. They’ll heal and serve as a reminder of what you don’t want. ❤ Love

▶︎Stop settling for guys. Just don’t. They’re just gonna distract you, make you different & then leave. Waste of time. Focus on self love, your work, friends, and future. It’s a beautiful equation that will never let you down.

▷Cook at home more. It’s healthier & nothing beats coming home to your dog and a home cooked meal.

▶︎Please buckle down and learn Russian! Even though Spanish would be more helpful in your work.  BOTH

▷ Never stop learning new things & seeing the world.


Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 9.05.53 AM





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